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What Advantages will you see with the Goalie Neck Package?

1. Better Puck-Tracking

The neck is the rudder of the body. The Goalie Neck Program improves your body's ability to track pucks by increasing the precision of your neck movements as your eyes track the puck.

2. Reduced Neck Fatigue

You don't feel it, but your neck muscles get tired just like your other muscles. When those muscles get tired, they can slow down your reaction time by responding slower to visual stimuli.

3. Lower Concussion Risk

Increasing strength in your neck can significantly reduce your risk of concussions. For goalies, that means all those shoulders you take from forwards skaing by won't derail your season.

Reduce Concussion Risk with Applied Sport Science and Tech

Based on 80 studies on concussion prevention, our sports science team has identified the highest leverage activities associated with reduced concussion risk.

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What is included in the protocol?

1. Neck Training with No Equipment

The bedrock of the program. All athletes start training the neck with no equipment required.

2. Neck Training with Equipment

If you have a neck harness or wish to purchase one, our program can provide programming specific to your equipment.

3. Supplementation Guidance

You will get best-practice, research-backed supplementation guidance on Day 1 to prevent concussions. All recommendations should be verified with your physician for safety.

4. Mobile App for Personalization

All programming is shared via mobile application for better program personalization and data tracking.

5. Neck Testing

If you want to measure neck strength for program efficacy, we have safe and effective neck testing protocols to monitor strength improvements.

6. Sleep Tracking

We implement sleep tracking as a safeguard against undetected concussions.

Win More 1-Goal Games

Stay on the ice with a strong, research-backed concussion protocol to improve on-ice performance and make more saves.

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